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Marinepool deck shoes - the classic boat shoe

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The classic boat shoe is now an absolute cult object. Once developed as a functional sailing shoe for sailors, the cover shoe is now a classic. So it belongs to the basic equipment of every sailor. Therefore, there is the classic deck shoe both as a women's boat shoe as well as a men's boat shoe in different colors, shapes and materials. Due to the high quality and flexibility of the upper, the deck shoe offers maximum comfort and durability. So the shoe is made of leather, either suede or smooth leather, breathable, seawater and saltwater resistant as well as quick-drying. Characteristics of this shoe are the special sole with the profile and the lacing system. Although many brands and manufacturers offer various models of this sports shoe, they all have one thing in common - the non-slip sole and the characteristic surround-lacing-system of the rawhide laces.

Classic deck shoes with special anti-slip sole with cover profile

The sole is the heart of this boat shoe. The most important thing on board is the optimal hold and safe position of all crew members in every situation. Especially in wet conditions, this feature is especially important. The small lamellae in the flat sole, which works as drainage, allow the water to run off optimally and guarantee skid resistance. In addition to safety through the non-slip, also functionality and comfort are important features. Especially on long trips and regattas a comfortable footbed is crucial to protect the joints and to avoid pain. The thicker the shoe sole, the more this dampens the weight and so gentle on the joints. Another important criterion of the sole is the resistance - both of the shoe itself and the boat. Since especially the owners of yachts, but also sailors of all boat classes pay special attention to the sensitive deck. Just high quality teak decks of expensive yachts are particularly prone to be damaged by small stones from the road. The narrow grooves in the rubber sole profile do not allow pebbles to settle there and damage the boat or ship. That's why most soles are white or transparent so they will not rub off. Even stripes from the abrasion of the soles damage the boat deck and are not liked by the skipper.

The boat shoe as an everyday shoe

Due to the classic design, this elegant shoe, which can also be worn barefoot, is also very popular as a everyday street shoe and is an integral part of urban streetwear. But also in other sports such as riding, tennis or golf, this high-quality and functional footwear finds great enthusiasm with its sturdy rubber sole, the lacing and highest wearing comfort. So the comfortable shoe is available both in our online shop as well as our flagship store as well as in various department stores and boutiques of our dealers. The elegant and sportive style with all-round lacing makes this shoe model the perfect all-rounder for every occasion. Friends of water and sailing sports as well as sailing professionals, but also leisure sailors or trend-conscious customers swear by this type of shoe - even as a sportive street shoe for everyday outfits.