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Extreme Sailing Series™


Extreme Sailing Series™ - Marinepool is “Official Clothing Supplier“

Marinepool is proud to extend its partnership with this spectacular series as the “Official Clothing Supplier" to the Extreme Sailing Series™ for several years.

The agreement with the series was signed in the first step for a 3-year period (2011-2013) and is going to be continued for the upcoming years. It grants Marinepool exclusive merchandising rights for clothing. The appointment is an important step for Marinepool to further promote its brand on a global scale. Indeed, the Extreme Sailing Series™ is the ideal partner to reach a global audience and to promote the maritime lifestyle Marinepool stands for. Marinepool will continue to develop an event collection and merchandising line which will be distributed at the ESS events world wide, through Marinepool´s retail partner network and the web.

Furthermore, Marinepool is equipping the two times series winner "The Wave, Muscat". Skipper Leigh McMillan and his crew have won the Extreme Sailing Series™ in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, the teams "Oman Air" with Skipper Rob Greenhalgh as well as  "Gazprom Team Russia" with Skipper Igor Lisovenko are starting with Marinepool as clothing supplier.

In the light of the registered teams, the 2014 season holds a lot of promise. The teams include:

1.       Alinghi (Skipper: Ernesto Bertarelli)
2.       Emirates Team New Zealand (Skipper: Dean Barker)
3.       GAC Pindar (Skipper: Seve Jarvin)
4.       Gazprom Team Russia (Skipper: Igor Lisovenko)
5.       Groupama Sailing Team (Skipper: Franck Cammas)
6.       J.P. Morgan Bar (Skipper: Ben Ainslie)
7.       Oman Air (Skipper: Rob Greenhalgh)
8.       Realstone (Skipper: Jérôme Clerc)
9.       Red Bull Sailing Team (Skipper: Roman Hagara)
10.     SAP Extreme Sailing Team (Skipper: Rasmus Kostner, Jes Gram-Hansen)
11.     The Wave, Muscat (Skipper: Leigh McMillan)


The dates and venues for the upcoming 2014 series are as follows:

Act 1 – Singapore:
February 20th – 23rd

Act 2 – Muscat, Oman:
March 19th – 22th

Act 3 – Qingado, China:
May 1st – 4th

Act 4 – Saint Petersburg, Russia:
June 26th – 29th

Act 5 – Cardiff, UK:
August 22th – 25th

Act 6 – Istanbul, Turkey:
September 11th – 14th

Act 7 – Mediterranean:
October 2nd – 5th

Act 8 – Sydney, Australia:
December 11th – 14th

Background Information on the Extreme Sailing Series™

The Extreme Sailing Series ™ is the most competitive, entertaining and exciting inshore sailing product the sport has ever seen. Professionally managed to maximise flexibility and commercial returns, providing truly unique VIP experiences and best-in-sport content for both local audiences and the global media.

Top class professional racing that uniquely attracts the world’s best sailors from a range of disciplines Olympics, America’s Cup, Round The World racing. Spectacular racing in almost all wind conditions due to the high power-to-weight ratio of the Extreme 40 catamarans. These boats are visually stunning and 100% performance-focused multihulls. ‘Flying’ a hull in as little as 8 knots of wind, these boats can exceed 35kts /65 kph.

With multi-format competition at top class venues of different types in city centre, ocean facing, rivers and lakes. Depending on the number of boats, venue, and wind conditions, the race organisers can decide to run racing over different shape courses - oval or triangular - around two or three race marks. Up to 8 races are run each day, each lasting no more than 20 minutes.


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