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news - Rotspon-Cup in Travemuende: the mayoral race as a highlight of the event week

July 25 2013

Rotspon-Cup in Travemuende: the mayoral race as a highlight of the event week

On July 24th at 12.15pm the race director pulled out the green flag on the Trave promenade: this was the signal to start the first race of the Volksbank Rotspon Cup – the mayoral race boat against boat in the match race format. But Susanne Gaschke was already far ahead of the starting line – a significant false start for the Mayor of Kiel. “We were very unsettled because it happens quite a lot”, she explained later on the jetty. All the way back behind the starting line – that cost time. Time that Lübeck’s mayor, Bernd Saxe, took advantage of. With his crew on board the “Evaine” he sailed passed Susanne Gaschke and kept the lead to the end of the first race. 1:0. Susanne Gaschke improved from race to race. At the end she caught up and took the final decisive race with only half a boat’s length distance. “Super, super, super! That was really exciting and suspenseful – we were cutting it fine but thank God it worked out”, she said at the award ceremony as she held the 6-litre Rotspon bottle in her hands.

Marinepool as the official clothing supplier of the Travemuende Week supported both teams with the official Travemuende Week Polo Shirt and the Travemuende Week Cap. Indeed, both crews looked fantastically professional in this team wear and certainly it will remind them for a long time to an unforgettable experience.

Team Saxe - mayor of the city of Luebeck (

Team Gaschke - mayor of the city of Kiel (

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traditional victory ceremony - 6 litre of Rotspon wine (