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news - Transat Jacques Vabre : Fast Class

Dec 02 2013

Fast Class

The Class 40 winner GDF SUEZ took 20 days 21 hours 41 minutes to sail 5758 miles, that is only 130 miles more than the direct, theoretical course, at an average of 10.30kts. As a comparison the Polish IMOCA Open 60 Energa completed the same course in 20days 10hours 47mins. So, as GDF SUEZ skipper Sébastien Rogues emphasized again last night on the pontoon in Itajai, the latest generation of Class 40s are very fast and efficient. They did have very favourable conditions, mostly reaching or downwind between Le Havre and Itajaí.

The Class 40 sailors have sailed in a breeze always exceeding fifteen knots and even sometimes thirty knots in a big sea and under heavy rains and cloudy skies. Constant moisture was onboard because of sea sprays and diluvian rains. The sailors had to fight hard to maintain their positions and keep their boat safe in such weather conditions.

The arrival between the fourth and the eighth contenders happened in a steady succession starting on Sunday morning. After the speedy latest generation boats which monopolised the top three places, the others came nearly 30 hours later. Itajai is now waiting of the 11th arrival. The Marinepool team still in the race is Solidaires en Peloton which should arrive in the coming hours.

Overall Class 40 ranking on December 2nd :

1. GDF Suez - Rogues/Delahaye
2. Tales Santander - Pella/Santurde
3. Mare - Riechers/Brasseur
4. Watt and Sea - Bestaven/Ducroz
5. Groupe Picoty - Caso/Chappelier
6. SNCF Geodis - Fabrice Amédéo/Armel Tripon
7. ERDF - Des Pieds et des mains - Damien Seguin/Yoann Richomme

8. Vaquita - Petter/Hanakamp
9. Campagne de France - Mabire/Merron
10. Phoenix Europe - Stéphanie Alran/Louis Duc

11. Solidaires en Peloton - Victorien Erussard / Thibaut Vauchel-Camus

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