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news - Winner of German National Sailing League decided - NRV wins back to back title

Sep 29 2014

Winner of German National Sailing League decisded with one event to spare - NRV wins 2nd back to back title

Friedrichshafen, September 28th, 2014 ­

It was an event including both German National Leagues and thus a superlative regatta. The 5th stopover of the 1st Bundesliga and the final of the 2nd Bundesliga were both held the same weekend in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance. And it brought many surprises with it. The first league was decides with the final event to spare and Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV) defended the title of German Club Champion. A feat that is usually only known from football and FC Bayern. The 2nd league was won by Wassersport Verein Hemelingen (WVH) who qualify directly for the 1st League in 2015.

A total of 144 sailors from 36 German clubs sailed 66 races in three days. The combined event brought more races, more tension, more action. It was a real nail biter.


1st Bundesliga

The 1st league was surprisingly decided already in Friedrichshafen. The plan was for a final in Hamburg but dramatic racing on Lake Constance turned the organizers plans for a big final upside down. The defending champion from Hamburg won the 5th event of the season and collected enough points to win a second back to back title and the German Championship.

"There was quite a bit of luck necessary to come out on top today. It is an amazing feeling to know we already have won the German title and are winners of the 2014 Bundesliga season. We could only do so thanks to a really great team effort", said Carsten Kemmling who helmed the NRV boat during the event in Friedrichshafen.

Second came the local clubs Württembergischer Yacht-Club (WYC) and Konstanzer Yacht Club (KYC).

In the season scores there is still a tough fight between Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee (VSAW) from Berlin and the Bavarian Deutscher Touring Yacht-Club for the remaining places on the podium.


2. Bundesliga

Action was not limited to racing in the 1st Bundesliga. There was a lot at stake in the 2nd Bundesliga as well. The teams sailed for the direct qualification for the 1st League, the right to sail in the relegation for the 1st League or tried desperately to avoid having to sail a relegation to remain in the 2nd League.

It was a weekend with real nail-biters, little wind and a lot of postponements. But therefore every single point counted even more. At the end it was Wassersport Verein Hemelingen (WVH) who won the first season of the 2nd Bundesliga, two points ahead of Segelklub Bayer Uerdingen (SKBUe) and Münchner Yacht-Club (MYC). These three clubs celebrated their direct qualification for the 1st Bundesliga in 2015.

"After the bad race we had in the morning we did not believe in a direct qualification for the 1st League any more. That we could turn the tides in the afternoon came as a surprise even to us. We need to find a better solution for training on J70ies and then we are ready for the 1st League", commented a very happy Wilhelm von Weyne of winning team WVH.

The tables of the German National Sailing Leagues can be watched here

1. Sailing Bundesliga

2. Sailing Bundesliga

© Lars Wehrmann | Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga

© Lars Wehrmann | Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga

© Lars Wehrmann | Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga

© Lars Wehrmann | Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga

© Lars Wehrmann | Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga