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news - Oarsome Challenge finishes Atlantic crossing successfully!

Mar 24 2010

Showing an incredible display of determination and endurance Mick and Lia of Oarsome Challenge have successfully completed their Atlantic crossing!!!

They finished their epic journey after 73 days at see and came an excellent 9th out of 30 boats in the unforgiving Atlantic Rowing Race 2009.

Teaming up only shortly before the race Mick, an experienced rower, and Lia a distinguished offshore sailor, taking the journey as preparation for the Barcelona World Race 2010, showed what it takes to be successful ocean rowers.

It was not only their determination and meticulous preparation but also the willingness to win against their egos and become a real team which brought success to Dreammaker, as their boat was called.

It is a difficult thing to have two very different people work closely in a team, but it is quite another thing to do the same on a nutshell on the ocean, 73 days and nights in 3 hour shifts. Through calms and storms, in favorable conditions and against adverse winds and currents. They gave us all a great lesson and we want to congratulate them for their huge achievement!

Oarsome Challenge

Atlantic Rowing Race 2009

Photo: Oarsome Challenge (more on their Website)