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news - "Flying Dutchman" wears Marinepool! Opera of the Tyrol Festival partners!

July 17 2010

"Flying Dutchman" wears Marinepool! Opera of the Tyrol Festival partners!

The "Flying Dutchman" by Richard Wagner is first and foremost one thing: an opera about sailing. Wagner transformed his experiences during a long and stormy journey on a schooner from Riga to London during his youth into the opera. Every wave, the strong winds, the sounds and groans of the ship can be found in the music. The fascination for the sea and his yearning for solid ground under his feet are present in every moment.

During the Tyrol Festival in Erl, Austria, Gustav Kuhn will stage the "Flying Dutchman" in a new way. He does not only bring in his vast experience as a conductor, and opera director but also a totally diferent aspect of his long career: an impressive record as an sailor on an international level! Gustav Kuhn was am member of the Austrian Olympic team, multiple national champion in - among other classes - the "Flying Dutchman" and had many more sports highlights in his long career.

In is an ingenious idear of the maestro to place the "Flying Dutchman" into the modern regatta scene. An idea that was inspiring Marinepool to join him for the Tyrol Festival and provide functional sailing clothing for the singers and the extras at the opera. Sailing is the basic element of the opera, brought into the foreground by Wagner himself, and this idea is implemented in the stage direction and the equipment configuration. Modern sailing clothing and functional garments will give the Tyrol Festival Erl 2010 a special authenticity, it will bring the "America┬┤s Cup" to Tyrol!

Maestro Gustav Kuhn during rehearals