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news - Match Race Germany Langenargen - Bodensee 2010

May 11 2010

Let the games begin!

Langenargen, Germany, May 6

Match race for women has just recently become Olympic and in two years women will for the first time duel boat against boat off Weymouth in the most telegenic of sailing disciplines.

But in fact the discipline itself is nothing new. While the original America┬┤s Cup was a fleet race, it was sailed in match race format, one single boat against another, ever since. There are specialists for this discipline considered sometimes a mix of "chess and boxing" on the water and there is a professional circuit, the World Match Racing Tour.

The Match Race Germany is the only German event on this grand prix tour and will be sailed again from May 19 to 24 off Langenargen on lake Bodensee. There are few places where sailing is that close to the spectators like int the "waterarena" Langenargen where visitors can have a "live" impression of some of the best sailors in the world and get professional comments and insight into manoeuvres, tactics and tricks by TV expert Nils Kaben.

2010 the event is open for teams of men as well as women, sailing within their respective groups.

For more information on the event visit:

Match Race Germany Website