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news - Courrier Dunkerque, second at the Grand Prix Guyader

May 12 2014

Courrier Dunkerque, second at the Grand Prix Guyader

The crew of Courrier Dunkerque has finished the Grand Prix Guyader at the second place this week-end in Douarnenez. The team has given its best during these 4 days of competition with hard weather conditions.

Daniel Souben and his crew have demonstrated once again a high performance level but did not resist to the Groupama Team lead by Franck Cammas, winner of the Tour de France à la Voile last year. The battle has been tough till the end of the competition. Often under heavy rain, with a wind fast always beyond 20 knots, Daniel Souben and his crew members have held on to maintain one of the leading positions.

« We have been very combative » says Daniel when he arrived at the pontoon. « The team of Franck Cammas won but didn´t dominate. We have made some mistakes and then offered points. It was very tight. During the offshore race, we have been slowed down by a fishing trap but regarding maneuvers and communication onboard, we are confident. This competition was a good training for all of us for the upcoming Tour de France à la Voile."

Next competitions for the Courrier Dunkerque : certainly the Grand Prix de l´Ecole Navale at the end of the month and the Normandy Sailing Week mid-June.

© Jacques Vapillon