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news - Cangiano/Fendi on SNAV OSG are aiming at the next victory!

June 09 2010

Italian pairing Giancarlo Cangiano and Luca Formilli Fendi of OSG Racing are the team to beat in the second race of the season on the renamed "Grand Prix of the Sea" circuit, formerly known as the P1 World Powerboat Championship.

The Marinepool partners scored an impressive victory in the first race of the season in Yalta, Ukraine, and all eyes will be on them again in the second heat, this time in La Valetta on Malta. Being fierce competitors in the Evolution Class in previous seasons Cangiano and Fendi have joined forces this 2010 season and formed a formidable team which is the benchmark this year.

Check out this space for more information on the results or click on the link below:

2010 Malta Grand Prix of the Sea

OSG Racing Team Site







Background picture © Luc Vermeiren

Formilli Fendi?Giangiano, © Luc Vermeiren

Victory at SGP Yalta, UKR, Mai 2010, © Luc Vermeiren

Winners! © Luc Vermeiren