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news - BMW Sailing Cup in Berlin: last chance in Berlin before the German final

Sep 19 2013

BMW Sailing Cup 2013: last seasonal highlight in Berlin before the German final

The BMW Sailing Cup includes several local regattas that are held on identical J80 yachts in Germany. The participants apply individually and are mixed into teams on site of the event. Thus, the crew members do not know each other in advance of the regatta. Consequently, there are equal opportunities for everyone participating in the BMW Sailing Cup. Finally, the team with the best sailing talents, motivation and ambition to win and with the best team spirit is able to be victorious in the end.

Before the best German teams will compete in the national final against each other, the last  of eight BMW Sailing Cup qualifying regattas takes place the upcoming week-end in Berlin at lake “Wannseee”.  Indeed, the BMW Sailing Cup in Berlin on September 21 and 22 is the last chance to qualify for the German final in October. The winner of the German final will then represent Germany in the BMW Sailing Cup International Final 2014.

The lake “Wannsee” in Berlin is popular for several sailing championships that are held there on an annual basis. That is due to the fact that the wind and weather conditions are commonly good for sailing and secondly, the close distance to the city of Berlin.  Particularly in September, lake “Wannsee” is well-known for perfect and even strong wind conditions; also, foul weather is probable to occur at this time. However, no problem for the BMW Sailing Cup teams taking part in the regatta the upcoming week-end – as the official clothing supplier of the BMW Sailing Cup, Marinepool provides high-quality sailing garments that guarantees best performance regardless from wind and weather conditions.