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news - BMW Club Cup: VSaW defends titel „Best Sailing Club in Germany“

Okt 24 2013

BMW Club Cup: VSaW defends titel „Best Sailing Club in Germany“
Skipper Kathrin Kadelbach wins the thrilling final at Lake Garda, Italy

As the official clothing supplier, Marinepool congratulates the German Club VSaW again to the title “Best Sailing Club in Germany”. While all participants, the organizing team and the official race management team were able to rejoice over the official BMW Club Cup Team Jacket and Team Polo Shirt, the winner VSaW additionally rejoiced over the brand-new BMW X5, which will be provided to the Club for a usage period of one year as the top prize.

The last day of the BMW Club Cup Final on Monday was simultaneously the last day of the BMW Yachtsport season 2013. Indeed, the final was down to the last meter absolutely dramatic and thrilling. Finally, the defending champion and title holder from 2012 was able to be the victorious crew again in 2013: The crew from the “Berliner Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee” (VSaW) with skipper Kathrin Kadelbach, Mark Bayer and Frank Butzmann won again the title “Best Sailing Club in Germany”. A few days in advance of the BMW Club Cup final, the well-known Circola Vela Torbole, which is since 2013 official partner of BMW, hosted the seasonal final of the Dragon class, the so-called Hans-Detmar-Wagner-Cup. Hereby, 47 dragon boats from 11 nations and thus 141 sailor registered a participant record for this event. Dimitry Samokhin and his crew from Russia were able to go for the victory here. The dragon as the so-called “premier class in sailing” was simultaneously the regatta boat in the BMW Club Cup.  The BMW Club Cup, initiated in 2011 by BMW, is an exclusive regatta for German clubs; an invitation goes to yacht clubs whose skippers have achieved at least a podium finish at world championships, European championships, international championships or in Olympic Games; in addition to this, German champions of the corresponding classes are also qualified.

“Congratulations to the VSaW crew for the successful title defense. Skipper Kathrin Kadelbach and her crew had to face a challenging field of competitors; however, they won through a high level of sailing skills and achieved again the title “Best Sailing Club in Germany”, said Friedrich Edel, Head of Sports Marketing  BMW Germany. “One week after the German Final of the BMW Sailing Cup, we experienced again a sailing highlight in the BMW Yachtsport season at Lake Garda.  Many thanks to all participants.  The competing fleet in the BMW Club Cup final definitely met the reputation of the dragon class and there is no denying the fact that the final was down to the wire. Many thanks to our partner Circola Vela Torbole (CVT). Despite of difficult wind and weather conditions, the club has ensured an outstanding race management.”
Gianfranco Tonelli, president of the CVT, said: “we are very proud to register a participant record in terms of the Hans-Detmar- Wagner-Cup and to host in the same effect the BMW Club Cup Final. We had two fantastic regatta with great sailing at the highest stage combined with a friendly encounter among the dragon sailors in a positive and sporty atmosphere.”

Besides of the double champion VSaW, the Deutscher Touring Yacht Club (DTYC), the Chiemsee Yacht Club (CYC) as well as the Kieler Yacht Club (KYC) had the chance to win the title. However, after a well-decided strategy and a neck-and-neck race, the VSaW achieved again victory. Nevertheless, this was only due to the higher number of race victories since they were, still after the last race, equal on points with the DTYC. Finally, the VSaW is able to rejoice over a brand-new BMW X5 for the usage period of one year after its official market launch on November 16th .

“It was certainly unusual to be on “the other side” and to be an official race manager during the BMW Club Cup final as a dragon regatta”, said BMW Yachtsport ambassador Markus Wieser who achieved in this season several  outstanding results; among these the victory in the Dragon Gold Cup and the 5.5m World Championship as well as second rank in the Dragon European Championship and third rank in the  Dragon World Cup. “Nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed the BMW Club Cup Final as a fantastic regatta and as a tribute to the Dragon as the premium class in sailing.”

BMW Club Cup 2013 – results:
1. Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee (Kathrin Kadelbach, Mark Bayer, Frank  ?    Butzmann), 10 points
2. Deutscher Touring Yacht-Club (Dr. Helmut Schmidt, Michael Lipp, Stefan?    Hellriegel), 10 points
3. Chiemsee Yacht Club (Vincent Hoesch, Peter Liebner, Roman Koch), 16 points
4. Kieler Yacht-Club (Marc Pickel, Frithjof Kleen, Paul Farien), 17 points
5. Lübecker Yacht-Club (Tanja Jacobsohn, Bernhard Jacobsohn, Jan Scharffetter), 20 points
6. Yacht Club Berlin-Grünau (Benjamin Steingroß, Uwe Stolle, Reinhard Hübner), 29 points
7. Württembergischer Yacht-Club (Felix Diesch, Simon Diesch, Frederik Schaal), 33 points
8. Flensburger Segel-Club (Hajo Andresen, Bernd Doepke, Lutz Boguhn), 35 points
9. Segel-Club Ville (Uwe Lätzsch, Hermann M. Blum, Gerd Linnemann), 36 points
10. Potsdamer Yacht Club (Rolf Schmidt, Stefan Kerstan, Stefan Waack), DSQ