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news - ADAC Powerboat Cup and ADAC Masters kick-off this weekend

May 23 2014

ADAC Powerboat Cup and ADAC Masters kick-off on May 23 - 25 in Traben, Germany

The upcoming week-end the ADAC Motorboot Cup and ADAC Masters will start in Traben. Marinepool equips all drivers of the Motorboot Cup and most of the Master class as well as the ADAC Officials with the brand-new series clothing. Marinepools wishes best luck and a successful series 2014 to all drivers and their teams.

The highest aim for the ADAC Motorboat cup, an innovative and environmental-friendly concept, is to promote young talents whilst guaranteeing equal opportunities. The only boats that are accepted in that series are the approved Katamarans “Type ADAC”. They are all using the same materials, which have been specially developed for this series by the Danish company “Christensen”. The events are supervised by strict rules that ensure a compliancy with the guidelines, e.g. the control of the minimum weight. Supported by different trainings and techniques, the ADAC and MSG offer a sponsorship for these young talents, which can finally lead to the full supply of an own Motorboat.

The Masters series features only race boats that have the environment friendly 60 PS 4 Cylinder Mercury, other motors are nit accepted. The standard, noise-free motors follow the EU emission guidelines, it is strictly prohibited to make changes in order to guarantee equal chances during the races.


Marinepool Teams of the ADAC Motorboot Cups 2014:

Powerboat Racingteam Moselstern: Christian Groß

Liquid Xtreme:
Ronny Mathys

Preußen Racingteam:
Sascha Schäfer

Schilke Powerboat Racing Team:
René Schilke

Racing Team Rhein Neckar:
Maximilian Stilz

Saxonia Racing Company:
Christian Tietz

Isabell Weber Racing powered by kfzteile24:
Isabell Weber


Marinepool Teams of the ADAC Masters 2014:

FS Powerboat Team » Boot Molgaard: Kim Lauscher?

Horváth Powerboat Racing Team » Boot Moore: Attila Horvath

Jurmala Racing Team » Boot Molgaard: Nikita Lijcs

Team Zduska Wola » Boot Moolgard: Adrian Maniewski

PW Racing Team » Boot Molgaard: Patrick Wiese