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news - Results of the Tour de France à la Voile 2012

July 26 2012

TPM Coych’s lucky star ahead Courrier Dunkerque

Just to confirm how good they are, they won the last two technical races today in La Seyne sur mer / Toulon Provence Méditerranée. TPM Coych is the official winner of the 35th Tour de France à la Voile. A long-waited success for this team of local friends; a deserved victory after a long fight with the other favorite Courrier Dunkerque 3, second overall.

“It feels like the blue star in our main sail really was above us all the time,” says Tudgual Becquemie, co-skipper of TPM Coych. “Our team totally bounded and we did a great job. We won the three pre-Tour races and we win the Tour today. I don’t think this year could be any better.”

It couldn’t really. Led by Fabien Henry and Tugdual Becquemie, TPM Coych wins the Tour 22 points ahead of Courrier Dunkerque 3. The fight between the southern and the northern teams has livened up this edition 2012. They exchanged positions since July 1rst in Dunkirk until July 20 in Rosès, Spain, when TPM Coych took the overall lead. It was for good that time – they remained in total control for the rest of the race.

Today was no different, with two technical races sailed in Toulon’s bay in 15 to 20 knots of south westerly wind. TPM Coych won both legs easily just in front of Daniel Souben’s team. A revival of their month-long duel!

Ashore, their 13 rivals all pay them a tribute. TPM Coych is a friendly team, with extremely skilled sailors onboard, yet all long-term friends. They’ve been sailing the Tour since 2001 and won it twice, in 2005 and 2007. Five years later, Henry’s fellowship is back in the spotlight. And they are fully enjoying it.

The fight for the third place also came to an end today. Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Elite and BAE Systems were tied up in points when they left the dock this morning. The Brittany team finished third and 6th; the Omani one 6th and 4th – BCM Elite completes the overall podium only one point ahead of BAE Systems!

No surprise on the amateur side: Ville de Genève Carrefour Prévention takes the 5th place overall and a great amateur victory. The Swiss team finishes 119 points ahead of the next amateur team, BRED / La Normandie, 8th overall.  

The 14 M34 will go out one last time tomorrow at 2pm for the coefficient 0 ‘postlogue’. A race to celebrate the end of a month of competition, a race to celebrate TPM Coych’s victory and everyone’s effort in this Tour de France à la Voile 2012.  

Dockside talks

Fabien Henry – skipper, TPM Coych

“It has to be emotional. It’s amazing, I’m truly happy we lasted until the end of the race and overcame the tough times we had in the Channel. I think that was the moment, which allowed us to go for the win once in the Mediterranean Sea. Our group this year is a success. It’s one of these years when everything falls into places the way you want it to. We managed to work before the Tour and then to keep enjoying the benefits of this work during the race. Erwan (Israël, winner of the Volvo Ocean Race with Groupama) was the only one missing the pre-race trainings but I wasn’t too worried. When I take a commitment I’m always giving 100%! That’s my state of mind. I did my best to organise things so that we could be in the lead this year. I enjoyed it a lot – it went well before the race and even better during the Tour! This year has been a success.”

Daniel Souben – skipper, Courrier Dunkerque 3

”Very, very disappointed not to win this Tour. We had two objectives this year: to sail a beautiful race in terms of competition. That goal is reached ‘cause we fought well with TPM and it was great from a sport point of view – and from the human point of view too since both teams go along very well. On the other hand we are very disappointed with our result. The first place was the only one to matter. We’re frustrated about that. Well done to TPM – that’s a beautiful team. The proof is, they win both races today. That’s a brilliant victory. We are rather proud of the fight we gave them. May they enjoy it!”

Pierre-Loïc Berthet – tactician and helmsman, Courrier Dunkerque 3

“We aimed to win: we’re disappointed with our second place. We didn’t succeed to stop TPM and to match them once in the Mediterranean Sea. We’ve struggling since Gruissan, then we chose to risk it all during the last offshore leg and it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. We knew the Tour was at stake yesterday during that night. We lost the Tour yesterday. We lost the Tour offshore rather than inshore. TPM is a strong group, they have a good relationship. They are a bit quicker too. Their team has almost been the same since 2001 – that’s one of their strengths. Good individuals are not enough: the group is the key. Yet I think Courrier Dunkerque is a good project with a fast boat and great skills. It’s tough because all the work done for the past two years didn’t pay&hellip But that’s part of the game. We found a better rival than us. It came down to nothing. It’s easier to loose the Tour than to win it: that’s correct for all races but that’s especially correct for this one.”

Nicolas Troussel – skipper, Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Elite

“We are really happy to finish on a good race: the Omani team wouldn’t give anything away! Third is good, it’s on the podium and I’m glad we’re on it. Of course I’d have like us to do better but the two teams in front of us were too strong. We had ups and downs but we will debrief later. We’re going to enjoy being together tonight and the next two days. Let’s work and prepare the next year’s Tour!”

Provisional general ranking after 33 races:

1 - TOULON PROVENCE MEDITERRANEE –COYCH (FRA 07) - Fabien Henry / Tugdual Becquemie, 904 pts - SPI BLEU
2 - COURRIER DUNKERQUE 3 (FRA 08) - Daniel Souben, 882 pts
3 - BRETAGNE - CREDIT MUTUEL ELITE (FRA 18) - Nicolas Troussel, 836 pts
4 - BAE SYSTEMS (OMA 4) - Cédric Pouligny, 835 pts
5 -VILLE DE GENEVE – CARREFOUR PREVENTION (SUI 19) - Jérôme Clerc / Elodie Mettraux, 826 pts
6 - ILE DE FRANCE (FRA 16) - Vincent Aillaud, 791 pts
7- NANTES SAINT NAZAIRE - E.LECLERC (FRA 6) - Corentin Douguet, 772 pts
8 - BRED / La NORMANDIE (FRA 15), skippé par Arthur Herreman / Baptiste Choquenet, 707 pts
9 - CÔTES D'ARMOR BRETAGNE (FRA 14) - Josselin Le Moine, 650 pt
10 - TU DELFT (NED 1) - Pieter Van Notten, 639 pts
11 - MARTINIQUE - MEDIABAT (FRA 2) - Mathieu Mourès, 603 pts
13 - ISKAREEN (GER 11) - Christiane Dittmers / Sönke Bruhns, 573 pts
14- BIENNE VOILE - SRS (SUI 22) - Lorenz Mueller / François Kunz, 427 pts
15 - Fascinating Seas International (RUS 23) - Leonid Klepikov, 421 pts

© Jean-Marie Liot / ASO

© Jean-Marie Liot / ASO