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news - New start date for Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 (now 2010)

Jan 01 2010

New start date for Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 (now 2010)

Following the recent improvement in the weather in the Atlantic it has been announced that race start date will be 4th January 2010 (I suppose it will need to be the Atlantic Rowing Race 2010 from now on).

This date is 80-90 % certain and this certainty increases as we get closer and the forecasts beecome more accurate.  Yesterday we were only 60 % certain of this date but that has increased as the 2 high pressure systems in the mid-Atlantic continue to grow and push the low pressure North.   The winds are turning more to favour us although it is likely that we will have light winds against us for the first few days.  It is also likely that we will encounter swells of 3.5 to 4 metres however these should be long rolling ocean swells that we should easily be able to cope with.

The atmosphere around the fleet has improved immensely over the last 2 days as bored and fed up rowers begin to prepare at last for departure.

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