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News - Kito de Pavant, ready for the Europa Warm'up on May 19th


The Europa Warm´up will be the only Imoca race in fleet before the start of the world famous Vendée Globe in November, and therefore a major race for the competitors to prepare their sailing world tour. The world´s best sailors will compete on two legs: the first one, from Barcelona to Lisboa, will be a crew-handed race  while the second one, from Lisboa to La Rochelle, will be a solo-handed race. Kito de Pavant, skipper onboard Groupe Bel and supported by Marinepool, can´t wait to take up this new challenge 8 days before the start from Barcelona in Spain.

What is your state of mind before the Europa Warm´up?

"The first leg is for the boat, while the second leg is for the sailor. A crew race gives the opportunity to use 100% of the boat potential, which is not the case for solo races. During the first leg, we will check the boat performance and mesure the potential of the other competitors. On the solo route from Lisboa to La Rochelle, it is the preparation of the man, with a view towards the Vendée Globe, which will be tested.“

More info: Kito de Pavant

© Richard Sprang / Groupe Bel

© Gilles Martin Raget / Groupe Bel