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News - The Bagad of Lann-Bihoué celebrates ist 60th anniversary!


The Bagad of Lann-Bihoué celebrates ist 60th anniversary!

With its attachment to Brittany, where the company anchored at Lorient one year ago, Marinepool has the passion for the sea and sailors. Athletes certainly, but not only ... The Bagad of Lann Bihoué, a group of traditional Breton and Celtic music, was born in 1952 on the military base of Lann-Bihoué near Lorient. Since then, 30 musicians-sailors have embodied the French Navy and the Breton identity, proud to be the last existing military Bagad. With bombards, bagpipes and drums, they deliver an emotionally charged music and serve as true ambassadors of Brittany far beyond its borders, performing throughout the year and all over the world.

Because Marinepool is proud to share the same home port, the brand dressed these outstanding Navy artists. Good luck to them for the release of their last album “Degemer Mat” which celebrates its 60th anniversary!

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© Marine Nationale

© Marine Nationale